Hereunder you'll find testimonials of students of Holistic Yoga & Shiatsu Therapy

Antar Mouna CD's

"I am a beginner with Antar Mouna. Fantastic guidance in this recording… your voice, timing and technique are super!"
≈ KKC, California

Yoga classes

"The efforts you have put into us all (in the classes) have been nothing short of amazing and you are a true inspiration to me and others.
hank you for all of the time and energy you have put into your Holistic Yoga classes, they truly are like nothing else I have ever attended. I have been to a fair few yoga classes now and none of them have ever come close to what you do. They are very special"
≈ Paul S

"After a yoga lesson with David, the buzz in my mind built up during the day has completely disappeared and been replaced by a calm holistic feeling . His lessons are a divine refreshment for body and mind!"
≈ Lucy

"I'm from Amsterdam North, where you can attend yoga classes too. Despite that distance I chose for David's classes at Amsterdam City Centre because of the personal attention, knowledge and experience, and good structure of the classes. His main focus is not on physical performance but morely on health for body & mind. After three-and-a-half years I notice that my muscles are stronger and suppler and that I've become mentally stronger. In other words I feel much better in my own skin. Physically as well as mentally. "
≈ Henriette

"The Going Deeper classes have unlocked areas both mentally and physically that I was previously unaware of. It is also easier for me now to move with the flow of life"
≈ Karin

"Satyananda Yoga classes have helped me slow down and learn to listen to my mind and body. As a result, I feel stronger, healthier and happier and I’m keen to learn more"
≈ Grainne