Salt Water Cleaning (SHATKARMAS)

09:00 – 13:00 / €30 (lunch included)

Make an appointment for two people or three people: Email or call 020 - 686 89 67.

Shatkarmas are age old methods which rinse out and clean the entire digestive tract, including the intestines, using warm salty water.

During the whole year toxins build up in our blood which can cause symptoms such as fatigue, skin conditions and pains in the muscles and joints of the body. These methods of cleaning remove toxins from the blood and the intestines, removing the above mentioned symptoms.

"Shat" means five and ‘karma’ means action. Three of the five karmas will be performed during the workshop. The other two will be performed during the yoga classes in the weeks afterwards.

From experience I also know that afterwards, you will feel much more energy, vitality and joy.

The cleaning will also have the following effects

  • Improvement in the body functions
  • Removal of digestive ailments such as, gas forming, acidity, and constipation
  • Relieves the effects of diabetes mellitus, hypoglycaemia, obesity, and high cholesterol in the blood
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Removal of allergic reactions
  • Reduction in the symptoms of arthritis
  • Removal of excess mucus, reducing the effects of asthma, chronic cold and sinusitis
  • Removal of pimples, boils and the effects of eczema
  • The energy canals in the body called meridians or nadis, are unblocked, allowing energy to flow freely
  • Removal of negative attitudes and thoughts
  • Release of repressed emotions
  • Increased ability to work, think, taste, smell, feel and experience
  • Good preparation for the practices of pranayama and advanced forms of yoga
  • Expansion and deepening of awareness begins to develop.

Prior recommendations

  • The evening before eat a light and liquid meal.
  • Attend the workshop with an empty stomach.
  • Please bring your neti kriya can with you. They can also be purchased on the day for €10.
  • Make space on the day to rest and be calm afterwards avoiding physically or mentally taxing activities.

Recommendations afterwards

  • Whilst no dietary restrictions are advised, exactly 45 minutes after completion of the cleaning khichari will be eaten. This consists of lentils, rice and pearl barley, cooked with ghee and tumeric. It is important to fill the intestines and reline the walls with a protective layer of ghee.
  • It is advised to refrain from drinking alcohol, coffee or black thee and not to eat red meat and cheese for the remainder of the day.
  • Whilst at least an hours rest is important afterwards, sleeping must be avoided as this can cause headache. Make sure that you have warm clothes with you to prevent feeling cold. Blankets are available.
  • Prior to and after the cleaning, fasting may be practiced, but this is not obligatory.
  • The cleaning methods are contra indicated in the case of the following conditions: pregnancy, high blood pressure and hernia.

Salt Water cleaning days

12 and 26 April, 10 and 17 May