Holistic Yoga

The Bihar School of Yoga approach uses different forms of yoga to address the different aspects of your personality. In this way the mental, physical, energetic, psychic and spiritual aspects are balanced, cleaned, stimulated or calmed and strength is developed in all these aspects.

dancing shiva None of this can happen without developing awareness, which in turn leads to increasingly deeper states of consciousness. We only use 10% of our brain at present. Yoga will allow you to expand and stimulate dormant parts of the brain leading to the discovery and development of your hidden talents, strengths and potential. This will influence in a positive the way how you feel and see both yourself as well as the world around you. It will enable you to live life to the full, with good health, happiness, peace of mind and optimism.

Regular yoga practice slows the process of aging and balances all the metabolic functions of the body. It develops concentration, memory, the patience to deal calmly with problems and the insight to make the correct decisions.

Cultivating a better you

Regular integration of the Holistic Yoga practices and positive attitudes, balances your physical, mental, emotional and psychic faculties and personality. The word yoga, stands for unity, for example between the faculties of head, heart and hands (action).

Physical, mental, hormonal, neurological and respiratory systems are either relaxed or strengthened. The mind and vital life energies (pranas) are either stimulated or if needed calmed, giving a feeling of deep tranquillity. The blood is cleaned, removing adrenaline and cortisol. Twice a year, the alimentary and intestinal systems are cleaned using salt water.

Regular performance Holistic Yoga practices expands breathing capacity, revitalising all aspects of your being. On average, we breathe only one eighth of our total six-litre of lung capacity. How can we expect to function optimally on so little?

No individual evolution and change can take place without greater awareness

Holistic Yoga gives more attention and awareness to all aspects of your personality, not just the physical. It conforms to the philosophy, methods and aims of the Bihar School or yoga in India to integrate yoga into your daily life and to “live yoga from day to day and from moment to moment. Methods and techniques taught in the weekly classes can be practiced at home, giving insights and greater awareness of how to life a happier, healthier, positive life, on all levels of your personality.

  • Expanding self-awareness is preferable to the culture of taking ‘selfies’!
  • Liking and valuing yourself, far more important than relying on the likes of others.

Happiness and disconnecting

The first aim of yoga is to create a state of happiness that is not dependant on external factors, but is a result of establishing balance, health and awareness.

The second aim is to develop the ability to disconnect from interaction with the senses and the external world regularly which ‘recharges’ the physical, organic, neurological and mental faculties. This happens when sleeping, yet in yoga you remain fully awake and aware.

It is not what happens to you in life, but how you deal with it that counts.

Regular yoga practice cultivates a mental attitude of positivity, optimism and faith in your ability to become a better you. First becoming being aware of, then letting go of old mental habits that have over the years become vicious circles, preventing you from moving forward and live your life to the full.

Maintaining awareness and balance between your strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and needs is just one of the tools in this process.

Introduction classes in Holistic Yoga (open to all)

The introduction classes are intended to develop greater physical, mental and energy awareness by synchronising the focus between the breathing, awareness of thoughts and the experience of subtle reactions.

Beginning with postures and movements which prevent arthritis and rheumatism, going on to strengthening and balancing of the digestive system and the removal of blockages in the hips.

Vital life energy in the body will be increased using Pranayama techniques.

Simple preparations for meditation, along with yoga nidra, will be slowly introduced to balance and direct energy in the body and increase awareness and to develop one-pointed focus, therefore strengthening the mind and willpower.

The Introduction classes are also intended for new people and for those who cannot attend the Going Deeper classes regularly. After regular and consecutive attendance of 2 blocks of 12 Introduction classes, participants can ask to join the Going Deeper classes.

The Curriculum

  • Awareness of physical body including posture, mobility, strengths and weaknesses
  • Awareness of breathing
  • Awareness of thoughts and mental fluctuations
  • Gradual strengthening and correction of physical posture
  • Gradual strengthening, cleansing and increasing of lung capacity
  • Recognition and development of the existence of the neutral witness within
  • Gradual strengthening of the ability to focus on one thing
  • Gradual increase in willpower, self discipline and the integration of yoga in daily life
  • Gradual ability to sit comfortably and without moving
  • Gradual increase in awareness and sensitivity to feelings in the body
  • Building a solid physical, physiological and mental foundation as preparation for the Going Deeper classes

"Real life is beyond the limits of the mind" ≈ Swami Satyananda

Going Deeper classes (20-week series)

The Going Deeper series of classes are for people who have been attending the classes regularly, for a minimum of 6 months:

  • You will go more deeply into the many techniques of Satyananda Yoga to expand the mind and awareness of your true potential in life.
  • Asanas will become gradually more advanced, as will the practice of pranayama, mudras (physical-mental attitudes) and bandhas (energy locks).
  • Insight and management of the mind, and the development of the neutral witness, will be intensified and strengthened using advanced Tantric practices of Yoga Nidra, Antar Mouna (inner silence), Pratyahara (detachment from the senses) and practices to maintain emotional and mental balance when facing the challenges in life.
  • SWAN meditation will be introduced to increase awareness of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Ambitions and Needs – leading to mental insight and clarity of mind.
  • Also the "18 ities" of Swami Sivananda will be explored. These are positive attributes in the form of 18 words, all ending with "íty". Having developed awareness of yoga techniques during the introduction classes, the "18 ities" can be compared to positive seeds which will germinate and enable you to express the positive aspects of your personality in your daily life. This meditation, along with the SWAN meditation are designed to "update your mental software", allowing you to function more easily in life, by removing the things that hold you back.
  • Mantras, Kirtan and the science of Nada Yoga (sound vibration) will also be introduced – the power of vibration in healing illnesses and calming the mind by removing mental and emotional blockages.
  • Basic Karma Yoga (the yoga of action) will be introduced.
  • Yogic methods of cleaning the blood and the internal organs will be introduced. The above mentioned terminology can only truly be understood by practical experience in a yoga class.

This system gives new people the time to become accustomed to the Bihar School of Yoga approach and regular participants the chance to further deepen and enrich their experience of Bihar School techniques. It will also strengthen your resolve and commitment towards the evolution of your Self-awareness .

May all participants grow in awareness, strength, wisdom and inner contentment.

Holistic Yoga Introduction Classes

 Δ Saturday, 11:45 - 13:15
Location: Van Beuningenstraat 54D, Westerpark Amsterdam

Holistic Yoga Going Deeper Classes

 Δ Monday, 10:00 - 12:00
Location: Tai Chi Studio, Kerkstraat 441 Amsterdam

 Δ Saturday, 09:30 - 11:30
Location: Van Beuningenstraat 54D, Westerpark Amsterdam

Costs of the lessons

Introduction classes

Per 12 weeks Δ €175
Trial Class Δ €15 for one or two people
Single Class Δ €17,50

Going Deeper classes

Per 20-week series* Δ €325

Private classes

Δ €50 per hour

* Students who miss a Going Deeper class can make up for it by attending any of the other weekly classes, including the Introduction Classes.


In advance via IBAN NL81 INGB 0005 3974 85, under the name of 'D Lonsdale' — please mention your name and lesson (starting) date on the transaction.

Required study materials

Participants of the Going Deeper classes are requested to purchase the following:

  • Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha
  • Practical Yoga Psychology
  • A Neti Lota, for the practice of Neti Kriya
  • A tongue scraper for the practice of Jihva Shodhan.

All items can be purchased from David Lonsdale. Any extra study materials provided during the classes are included in the cost of the lessons.

Home practice

Participants are expected to practice what has been learnt at home, and so integrate yoga into daily life and benefit to the full extent.

Shiatsu at reduced price

Those who follow the classes are able to make appointments for private shiatsu treatments and benefit from a reduction in price. This can be a way of deepening the development of self-awareness, giving you greater insight, which will in turn help you to develop further.

Privacy Statement

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