Seriousness, sincerity and commitment

In October 2013 the Bihar School of Yoga celebrated its Golden Jubilee. It was founded in 1964 and has been spreading the benefits of yoga around the world ever since. The golden Jubilee was attended by 20,000 people from many countries and included lectures by prominent scientists, medical specialists, leaders of government and many respected spiritual luminaries. The theme of the 4 day congress was to develop three attributes: seriousness, sincerity and commitment.

These three attributes should be strong when deciding to follow the Holistic Yoga classes and with any other direction or relationship you wish to pursue in


Seriousness does not mean ceasing to laugh or smile and in order to have true seriousness about anything you wish to achieve in life, sincerity and commitment need to be strong, resolute and present throughout. Should this not be the case, our intentions and the long term success of our actions will be short lived.

Seriousness takes into consideration all aspects of what we want to do, including the related strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and needs. These four aspects should be analysed prior to making the decision to follow the Holistic Yoga classes. This will also make you aware of your seriousness, sincerity and commitment.

There should be a motivation to learn, along with a willingness to change and to let go of old ways of thinking and action which prevent us discovering our hidden potentials and gaining positive insights into our true nature.


Sincerity is related to being truthful with yourself. Is our heart supporting what our head has decided? Is your decision to achieve something based up on a short term or a long term expectation. Are you taking action just to please or to satisfy others? Do you have faith in yourself and also in your ability to succeed in what you have chosen to do?


Commitment depends upon having a strong willpower and self-discipline, both emanating from inside rather than being externally imposed. Regular practice of Yoga will certainly develop these two attributes.

There is no commitment without motivation, and for this you need a good knowledge of what is entailed in what you want to do. Practical things should be considered such as how much time can be allotted to what you want to do without getting stressed. When the willpower is strong there are fewer tendencies to become distressed, distraught and to give up easily when things are not going according to your expectations.

I have experienced these three attributes constantly during my life, and still continue to do so. I have also seen how those attending the classes over the past 24 years have often struggled with these three attributes in their attempt to deal with the changes and challenges they face in their private lives; their commitments to their relationships with their wife, husband, children, to their family and work. On top of those challenges comes the constant balancing between regular attendance at the yoga classes and the integration of regular yoga practice at home.

Adversity is the spice of life

Yet yoga begins with adversity and adversity and difficulties exist to make us stronger and more aware. Adversity is the fuel that initiates the will to make positive changes, and take actions. Regular yoga will make you stronger and more aware. Yet only a saint prays for problems!

Smile for 24 hours, not only with your mouth, but also with your mind and heart.

Those who followed the Going Deeper classes from last September, have excelled in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual achievements to a degree far beyond their expectations and any hopes that I had had.

There have been huge changes made to mental attitude, not only in respect to yoga practice, but also towards a more positive way that life is experienced and lived. The nervous system has been strengthened and greater emotional balance created. Since last September there have been many difficult challenges in the lives of all those participating which needed to be faced. And rather than abandoning yoga practices, the many tools yoga has to offer were used to help guide them through these challenges which helped to make the correct decisions and avoid emotional disturbance and stress.

"The Going Deeper classes have unlocked areas both mentally and physically that I was previously unaware of. It is also easier for me now to move with the flow of life" ≈ Karin

Satyananda Yoga is an integrative form of yoga, developing the ability to use the tools of yoga to guide you through the challenges in life, turning adversity into positive developments by correct thinking and actions which alleviate rather than aggravate a situation.

"Satyananda Yoga classes have helped me slow down and learn to listen to my mind and body. As a result, I feel stronger, healthier and happier and I’m keen to learn more" ≈ Grainne