The Olympic games, and all sporting activities are based upon the individuals ability to compete with others, motivated by the desire to win, to be rewarded and to achieve a name, fame and fortune.

"Do your best and leave the rest"

In yoga, activities, whether individually based in the form of the performance of postures (asana’s) or actions done for the benefit of others, are performed in cooperation with others, rather than in competition with of others.

And more importantly the performance of action is not based upon gaining reward, complement, fame or fortune. It is performed without judging if the action is pleasant or unpleasant, or if the action is below your educational level or social standing in your community.

It is performed with awareness and the desire to do your best, whilst being totally detached from the fruits of your actions. In this way there is no frustration, irritation or disappointment should the action not proceed according to your expectation or wishes. ‘You do your best and you leave the rest.’

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit" ≈ President Harry Truman

These are the principles of Karma Yoga, the yoga of action. It is one of the most important yoga’s, as it can be performed anywhere, anytime and the often heard excuse of ‘I have not got the time’, is made redundant ! It leads to you being free from frustrations, stress, disappointment, anger, sadness, jealousy, expectation and any other disturbing and negative emotions that occur when we become attached to what we do and have expectations of the outcome.

For the vast majority of people who are unable to attend a yoga class, Karma Yoga may be practiced from morning until night 7 days a week and it will lead to freedom mental and emotional balance and all through the ability to be detached, and emotionally and mentally serene in what you do.

Removing obstacles

Yoga has acknowledged that in order to evolve spiritually in life and to obtain union, obstacles have to be removed first. This has been the experience of everybody when wishing to accomplish something, whether passing exams, moving house or putting a man on the moon!

On an individual level various methods have been developed to remove obstacles on the physical, mental and energy dimensions, whereupon we are able to function more easily and to feel more free.

Such practices involve yoga postures, on a mental level the practice of Antar Mouna (inner silence) and on the sub and unconscious dimensions, the practice of Yoga Nidra, which is rapidly growing in popularity in Holland.

As life becomes more stressfull, more and more people around the world are turning to Yoga as a way to find peace of mind and physical comfort. The word Yoga means unity, unity between the individual consciousness (the I am) and cosmic consciousness (the all encompassing). When these two merge you experience what is called "enlightenment".